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Thomas Bloor

Sunday, October 19, 2008

WOW 366

I have two short (very short) stories in an anthology published in the summer to celebrate the International Year of Reading, 2008. It’s a collection consisting of 366 stories, all of them exactly 366 words long (366 being the number of days in 2008 – a leap year). It was an intriguing project to be involved in. The book, called WOW 366, is published by Scholastic, priced at £6.99. £1 from every copy sold goes to the charity Childline. My stories are PROMISE on page 343 and BOY KING REX on page 431.

I’ve not added anything to these Book Log blog pages for several months. Some authors make great bloggers, regularly uploading entries detailing their busy lives and exciting writing careers. Others are like me. However, had I been keeping this blog up to date I might have mentioned a number of library visits I made, some in Waltham Forest, and some in Chelsea, two rather different parts of London but both with equally pleasant and welcoming library services and both with no shortage of thoughtful and intelligent young library users. I was also a guest at the opening of a new school library, at Woodside Primary School in Walthamstow, where I once worked as a Special Needs Assistant. More recently I also realised, rather belatedly, that The Happy Ending Society (see an earlier entry) is just an invention of the Lemony Snicket publicity people, after all (as, I suppose, is Lemony himself – or at least his name, surely?). Well, that’s a relief, I must say! Such is the way of the world nowadays that a society of that kind did seem all too plausible. Or am I just a gullible old sap?


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